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Fill a pre-formatted form including information about product updates, revenue, burn rate, money left, team updates, and more. It's totally flexible and you can add anything you want.

Investors receive an easy to read report.

When you hit send, a mobile-friendly email is automatically sent to everyone on your stakeholder list. Information is consistently organized and easy to find.

All your reports kept securely in one place.

Historical reports are always accessible through your dashboard. Coming soon is tools to show growth over time.


All connections are over SSL and report data is fully encrypted before saved to the database.

Information rights support

Hide financial and growth information from stakeholders without information rights.

Collaborative editing

Invite multiple members of your team to collaborate on writing reports.

Jason Calacanis

"If your startup isn’t sending you monthly updates, it’s going out of business."

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Investor updates are an opportunity to be accountable, to stay top-of-mind, and to remind your investors why you are a solid entrepreneur to back.

Hampus Jakobsson How to write great investor update emails

Everything you write should serve one of two purposes: help you or inform the investors so they trust you and can help you in the future.

Brenden Mulligan Every seed stage founder should send monthly investor updates.

When effective, they keep your extended team on the same page and let people jump in and help when you need it.

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